A Typical TREO Trip

TREO’s unique recipe for outdoor fun includes plenty of elbow room–it’s miles and miles to the nearest crowd.
From the moment you arrive and head to the sporting clays course, to the moment you wave goodbye, TREO’s operators go out of their way to make sure you have lots of fun.

Lodging and Meals

From the sporting clays course you’ll head for one of TREO’s comfortable, secluded lodges. Just you and your friends and the great outdoors. The lodging is all yours, no crowding from another party. For dinner you have a choice of prime rib, or pepper steak and baked chukar, or breast of pheasant and roast tenderloin of beef. The cooks will also serve designer salads, hot homemade rolls and pasta. Desserts feature apple or cherry pie. More than you can eat!07_01_meal

After the gourmet dinner, relax in the hot tub, admire the trophies–mounted pheasants, and a few big game heads, or play a friendly game of pool.

Up and at’em bright and early from TREO’s comfortable beds, you have time for breakfast. Pepper bacon, scrambled eggs, blueberry hotcakes, biscuits and gravy, icy cold orange juice, and great coffee. You’ll be fortified for a day afield.


On the 2-day hunt, your first day is devoted to the pursuit of chukar partridges. Chukars and canyons go together–and that means plenty of fun and exercise.

Start your second day with TREO’s famed pheasant hunt. Featuring big, strong-flying birds, the pheasant hunting provides a showcase for the work of the hunting dogs and, perhaps, your shooting.

        A Typical Summer Sporting Clay Trip

Within minutes of your arrival you can being shooting. Four to five hours of excitement, testing your skills, getting to know your teammates on a relaxed, personal level.

There’s no sitting around until the shooting’s done and it’s time to have a cold drink, enjoy the hot tub, play a game of pool, and sniff the delightful aromas drifting from the kitchen.

Dinner will be unmatched–gourmet meals prepared by country chefs. Prime rib, breast of pheasant, and baked chukar top the menu. Designer salads, fresh hot rolls, homemade pasta, followed by homemade pies.

Coffee’s ready early in the morning. Pepper bacon sizzling on the grill. Blueberry hotcakes and eggs–another gourmet meal. After breakfast it’s time for another round of sporting clays. A shorter version of the fun you enjoyed the previous afternoon. Before you know it, the TREO guide will be sounding the lunch bell.