Summer Program

Think how wonderful it would be to spend a weekend in a place. . . Where quiet reigns; Where you breathe crisp, fresh air; Where bird songs awaken you in the morning? Where the biggest decision you face is which delicious meal to enjoy next. And there’s more, at TREO’s secluded, comfortable guest house. The house sits on a 300-acre farm, with the nearest neighbors miles away. And they’re the quiet type. Go fishing at Bull Prairie Lake, high in the Blue Mountains, or at nearby Willow Creek Lake outside of Heppner, Oregon. We’re a great stopping point if your on a long bike or motorcycle trip because we offer many other activities while you rest from your ride.

1/2 day Sporting Clays

    $45/100 clays per person  or $85/ 200 clays per person2


  • Minimum 4
  • Shells & meals not included


Overnight Sporting Clays Package with Meals

minimum of 6 people   Included: